Our jar cheesecakes make the ultimate individual treat.

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If you're in the mood for cheesecake, you won't have to search far for something spectacular. At Cheesecake & Company, we make homemade cheesecakes in a jar right here in Duluth, MN. With a variety of fruity, decadent regular and vegan options, your sweet tooth will be satisfied no matter what flavor you choose. We never skimp on ingredients, and as a result our jars are packed full of creamy cheesecake, fillings and graham cracker crust.

Need a dessert for a party? Our perfect portions make the ultimate sweet treat.

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Choose from a variety of cheesecake flavors that will please any sweet tooth

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5 reasons why cheesecake makes the ultimate dessert

When you come to Cheesecake & Company, you'll discover firsthand our passion for cheesecake. This dessert is perfect in so many ways, you'll have difficulty choosing only one flavor from our wide selection.

Our jar cheesecakes make the best desserts because they're:

  • 1. Available in a range of flavors
  • 2. Smooth and deliciously creamy
  • 3. Perfectly balanced in sweetness
  • 4. A dessert that will please anyone
  • 5. Easy to take on the go
Whether you want a cheesecake for a personal midday treat or for your family's dinnertime dessert, we've got you covered. Visit us today in Duluth, MN to try one of our delicious flavors.

Support your local cheesecake bakers

When you support local, you're helping a family realize their dreams. We are committed to our craft, and to perfecting our cheesecakes just for you.

Cheesecake lovers keep coming back for more because:

  • We use organic ingredients
  • We offer vegan options
  • We care deeply about the community
  • We cater special events
  • We provide exceptional service
  • We serve individual portions in Mason jars
Taste the difference in every flavorful bite. Drop by today to try the cheesecake flavor that speaks to you.